Society goes to dogs… and cats

Anyone who followed the politics and ideology of the sexual revolutionaries would have known long ago where things were headed – and it never looked good.

In my 2014 book Dangerous relationships, I talked about the very real slippery slope that inevitably occurs when we normalize and legalize things like same-sex marriage. Anything goes once we destroy the heart and soul of the institution of marriage.

I also shared some stories of other types of “marriage” that had taken place lately. I noticed that a German in 2010 married her cat, and how a Ghanaian woman “married” her dog. Of course, once we redefine marriage in this way, the door is wide open to redefine everything else: sex, biology, and reality itself.

This is exactly what happened with the trans revolution. It has moved from a campaign for rights to a war against all that is real or based on biological reality.

People now identify with whatever comes into their heads. That a man can now identify as a woman and a woman as a man (in law) is rather outdated. If anyone wants to identify themselves as a Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, who are we to judge?

It should come as no surprise that people have started to identify as animals. Such alarming psychosis is not limited to individuals, however. We even have schools that deal with this madness. Consider this recent headline from a Melbourne newspaper: Melbourne schoolgirl identifies as a cat and her school backs her supposed identity.

The story opens:

Students are allowed to play animal identities in schools in an effort to meet their mental health needs. An eighth year student at a private school in Melbourne identifies as a cat, and as long as she does her schoolwork, the school supports her assumed identity. Although she is “phenomenaly brilliant”, it is understood that she does not speak at school.

Nobody seems to have a protocol for students identifying as animals, but the approach has been that if it doesn’t disrupt the school, everyone is supportive,’ a source close to the family said. “The behavior is being normalized. Now, more and more people are identifying with whatever they want to identify with, including “furries”.

The school did not confirm enrollment, but said it has students who “exhibit a range of issues, ranging from mental health, anxiety or identity issues.”

“Our approach is always unique to the student and will take professional advice and the student’s welfare into account,” the school said. There is also a boy who received treatment from a Melbourne psychologist who for a time identified as a dog.

Nothing to see here. If a student identifies as a cat, who are we to protest? Let’s just make it easy for them. After all, we wouldn’t want them to feel left out. But what this poor girl really needs is real help and advice. Otherwise, who knows where it will all end up… Will she end up being declawed, neutered and chased by dogs?

This kind of madness is an open invitation for satirical sites to get to work. And that’s exactly what happened. The Australian site Damascus Dropbear wasted no time covering this story.

Here’s how they reported the news:

MELBOURNE, VIC – A private high school in Melbourne has announced a series of cat-friendly policy reforms to help students “identify felines”. The move comes after growing reports of students deciding they were in fact animals that were mistakenly placed in a human body, and schools keen to accommodate their preferences.

The school’s principal, Diedre Collins, explained the reforms put in place. “We are delighted to announce that to accommodate our feline students, we have installed litter boxes in the bathrooms and updated all bullying policies to include enforcement of neutral purring language and pronouns. ‘ exclaimed Principal Collins.

“We’ve also introduced a number of new specialist courses, including mouse cooking, light hunting and how to comfortably sleep on someone’s face. To be perfectly blunt, these trans-chat requests are sometimes a little tricky. They don’t seem to respect authority at all, get easily distracted, and always seek praise and care when it’s largely useless.

Victorian Education Minister MP Natalie Hutchins praised the school and said the department could consider more widespread accommodation for dysphoric children.

I couldn’t be happier that the furry students are finally realizing that they aren’t terribly and wonderfully created by God.

We will ensure that sectarian schools and teachers who refuse to mew at these furry students face the claw of the government. Additionally, in 2024, we hope to move to a more coeducational arrangement that may introduce dog-identifying students.

“We may, however, need to re-examine our sexual harassment policies to increase acceptance of woofing, chasing and ‘bottom-sniffing behavior’.” It is further reported that satire is becoming increasingly difficult to write due to the truly ridiculous reporting.

If it gets hard enough to tell the real story from the fake story, you can see how far we’ve come in the tubes as a company. In the past, people who thought they were Jesus Christ or Napoleon Bonaparte were removed from society in hopes that they might be helped. Today, they are affirmed.

The sad thing is that we have normalized and institutionalized the illusion. During the same period, we have demonized and marginalized those who still think that biology, reality and truth mean anything.

Welcome to our brave new world. Expect this mega-cat fight to only get worse in the days to come.

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