Someone imagines what everything would look like if they had a cat’s face, and the result is funny but disturbing (126 new photos)

The world wouldn’t be the same without cats. What if everything in this world was a cat?

This surreal scenario is made real by this fluffy Instagram account known as “Koty Vezde” (“Cats Are Everywhere”). The page run by Galina Bugaevskaya is dedicated to sharing the funniest photo manipulations of random animals and things with furry feline faces.

Think of animals like foxes and seals, giraffes and bats, but also inanimate objects like toothpaste, cupcakes and croissants cradling a cat’s muzzle as if nothing had happened. Below, we’ve completed a fresh batch of Koty Vezde’s imaginary cat photos, so get closer to your seat.

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