Sonic Frontiers Previews Shows Big the Cat’s Fishing Minigame

Preview screenshots and videos of sound borders presented a number of things that can be found in Big’s Fishing Minigame. This latest next-gen title for the Sonic The franchise is less than two weeks away from its release, it is also the first time that it tackles a semi-open world adventure. Many fans are excited for sound borders, with others cautious about its release due to its flimsy first impressions. Later demos and videos put the game in a more positive light, with fans getting a much clearer picture of what to expect from the game.


With sound borders, the focus is on open area gameplay, where players can race around as Sonic to collect a variety of items to unlock the next island. Besides collecting items and fighting enemies, a variety of other activities are available to the player, such as mini-games and side quests. One of these minigames involves Big the Cat, where players can relax a bit and fish on the Starfall Islands.

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Whereas sound borders fans managed to find Big and his fishing mini-game in the demos, a video from ShackNews gives a much more in-depth look at it. Sonic is confused by Big’s sudden appearance on the Starfall Islands, where the purple cat is just looking for a simple place to fish. Sonic, noticing he could relax, accepts Big’s offer and learns to fish. Players simply need to press the button so that the white circle is inside the red circle, where Sonic will then shoot whatever he catches.

Depending on the fish that was caught, players will receive a token, which can then be exchanged for treasure that Big has found. This includes Chaos Emerald Vault keys, rings, memory tokens, and other items. Players can continue fishing with Big by finding purple coins that are found on Starfall Islands.

The video and subsequent social media screenshots show not only fish, but other strange objects that can be found in the waters. This includes Badniks, stone tablets, and even a ring. These are all recorded in a Fish-o-pedia that can be consulted at any time. The music in sound bordersThe fishing mini-game has a relaxed LoFi vibe, suited to the activity. Longtime fans have recognized, however, that every time Sonic catches a fish, he plays a little jingle which is also associated with Big’s gameplay in Sonic Adventure. Fans warmly embraced this side activity, with many citing how fun Sonic and Big’s interactions were in this minigame as well.

sound borders will launch on November 8 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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