Sophie the Cat Becomes a ‘Nose Boop’ Light Switch in Viral TikTok

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A cat named Sophie from Columbus, Ohio has become a touch lamp operated by a nose boop. The gray and white cat stood on a bedside table with one foot on the touch lamp base. Therefore, when his human in the bed blocked his nose, the light would dim and then turn off or on again.

Who knew you could operate a touch lamp with nose puffs? Well, so far at least 4.5 million people since that’s the number of views the viral TikTok has received.

Video and screenshots via TikTok/trrrracey

The cat seemed to enjoy the experience of sitting under the lamp.

The cat seems to like having a lampshade above its head

People react to Sophie the ‘Nose Boop’ lamp

One of the best parts of this TikTok is the comments.

“My husband taught the cat to use the touch lamp. Then the cat started morning raves begging for breakfast. We don’t have touch lamps anymore,” J. Emerick said.

“LOL – few raves here, but she walks on the lamp a lot at 5am and turns it on,” Sophie’s human replied.

The cat turns on the lamp when the man touches his nose

Many people have commented something to this effect:

“Give [her] a train, because they are a conductor.

Another person joked, “Honey please turn off the cat 😂.”

Others weren’t surprised not to have such a feature on their lamp.

“Mine didn’t come with that attachment 😤.”

Others added that their cat could turn on a touch lamp with a little practice.

“My cat has a touch light in the room where his litter box is, which is quite a distance from our bedroom, because he’s afraid of the dark,” Kai Shadows said.

Sometimes they said the cat surprised them when the light unexpectedly turned on late at night. So if you’re thinking of trying this at home, you might want to think twice. Or be prepared to hide the lamp when they turn it on in the wee hours of the night, which Sophie did next!

Sophie the cat becomes a boop nose lamp

Sophie turns off the lamp by herself

In a follow-up TikTok, we see Sophie turning off the lamp by herself — no nose boops required. Sometimes she lights the lamp while her humans are sound asleep.

“Especially for waking us up at 5am…”

On YouTube, there are many videos of cats using their paws or mouths to turn on lights and switches. Below, a cat named Kepler uses its teeth to flip the light switch.

Video by Cashmere Sky:

Natsume Boop Lamp

In 2020, a cat named Natsume went viral in a Tweet and was later featured in Time magazine. Like Sophie, she lay with one paw on the base of the touch lamp, and her nose acted as an on-off switch.

The lamp has a capacitive touch switch that uses the body’s natural electricity to complete the circuit when Natsume’s nose is touched by his human’s finger.

“Look! My cat has become a switch!?!?!?!? smile”

Cats pushing buttons

Cats have proven their skills by pressing buttons themselves. For example, Billi, a 14-year-old Floridian cat, became famous for pushing pimples. matching words. The cat seems to be able to communicate surprisingly clearly with its human in a variety of situations. As Billi progressed, she found her favorites even though she eventually had 64 buttons to choose from.

Billi the cat who presses buttons to talk

We shared how cats can figure out how to use both paws to turn and open door handles too. Or how about pushing a Ring video camera to meow for help? Yes, a cat did that on Long Island.

Lilly the cat who meowed in a Ring doorbell

Previously, we shared that cats have been known to turn on stereos. A cat named Lugo in Spain threw a house party, turn on the stereo at full throttle when his human was out of town. As a result, the whole building woke up, and the man had to go home immediately to turn off the stereo.

If one thing is certain, cats can surprise you with what they can do, and it’s a daily occurrence. That’s part of the fun of being a cat’s human.

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