Standing Angry Faced Kitten Nicknamed “Grumpy Cat 2.0”

A kitten with a permanently grumpy facial expression is delighting the internet, earning itself the nickname “Grumpy Cat 2.0.”

On October 10, Reddit user Diana (u/MickPawsome) shared a photo of her kitten Mick on the r/Aww forum. Despite describing him as a “little bundle of joy”, Mick’s hilariously “angry” expression caught the attention of both Redditors and stole their hearts.

Since posting, the cute cat photo has received 38,000 upvotes, as well as comparisons to grumpy-faced stars and famous misers.

Mike ("Grumpy Cat 2.0") as a kitten
Mick’s permanent angry facial expression (seen here as a kitten) has earned him thousands of followers online, as has the original “Grumpy Cat” Tardar Sauce.

The Legacy of the “Grumpy Cat”

Real name Tardar Sauce, the original “Grumpy Cat” caused an internet sensation. Born in 2012, the cat’s unique expression – which was the result of feline dwarfism and a pronounced underbite – spawned countless memes and is said to have made its owner, Tabantha Bundeson, a wealthy woman.

It was a photo that Bundeson’s brother shared on Reddit that launched Tardar Sauce’s career as a professional internet influencer and meme. Eventually, Bundeson quit his day job at Red Lobster to manage his pet’s runaway success.

In 2014, the Grumpy Cat empire was worth $99.5 million, although that’s something Bundeson denied. Most of Tardar Sauce’s income came from books, merchandise, publicity deals, and appearances. Tardar Sauce also directed a film, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, and became the first feline to get his own wax work at Madame Tussauds.

At the time of his death in 2019, Tardar Sauce had 2.4 million followers on Instagram and 8.5 million likes on Facebook.

Since the end of Grumpy Cat’s reign, other bitter-faced felines have delighted the internet.

In March, a 10-year-old Persian named Blake went viral for his “grumpy resting face”, while Smurfy – a 12-year-old rescue Sphynx and former stallion – sent netizens hysterical with his glare.

‘Grumpy Cat Reborn’

Although no cat has yet reached the heights of Grumpy Cat in terms of star power, Mick has plenty of fans of his own.

Diana said Newsweek that the photo she recently shared of Mick as a kitten was actually taken two years ago when the family first brought him home. Now an internet star in his own right, Mick has 23,000 followers and 21,000 page likes on Facebook.

“His grumpy face is already like his trademark,” she said.

“As for his personality, yeah, he never purrs, he doesn’t like to be touched, cuddled, nothing, zero.”

Mike ("Grumpy Cat 2.0") as an adult
Mick, now two and a half years old, has retained his grumpy air all the time.

Reddit users couldn’t get enough of micro-Mick, with StarMindedCatGirl asking “Why is this little dude so mad.”

“It already looks like he’s plotting your fate,” call_me_johnno said.

“The quality of this establishment is clearly not up to its standards,” commented Admirable_Bee_8714.

“Your cat looks like he’s about to call me ab**** under his breath as I walk away,” Cucumber7777 joked.

Others have seen a clear resemblance to Tardar sauce, with nicknames such as “Grumpy cat reborn” and “Grumpy Cat 2.0”.

“We found the new Grumpy Cat,” Jacksepticeyefan1545 commented.

“The grumpy cat has finally been resurrected,” CookiesTheKitty agreed.

Dj_blueshift compared Mick to Ron Swanson, the stone-faced department head in the sitcom Parks and recreation played by Nick Offerman, while the op-trienkie thought Mick looked more like the TV show’s Snow Leopard antagonist Kung Fu Panda: Legends of the Incredible.

Other comparisons included actors Jack Nicholson, Danny Devito and Mickey Rooney.

“We had Grumpy Cat,” Iron0ne said. “Now with Mad Mick.”

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