Stray cat attacks woman walking her dog in Clementi Park, leaving ‘extremely painful’ scratches, Singapore News

All she wanted was to enjoy a walk in the park with her family and her beloved dog on Christmas morning.

Instead, this woman ended up in the clinic with multiple scratches on her leg after being attacked by a particularly fierce stray cat in her neighborhood.

Telling the incident to the Shin Min Daily News, the woman surnamed Zhou said she was with her family at a park near block 420 Clementi Avenue 1 around 8:50 a.m. that day.

Zhou’s sister-in-law and father had gone to the nearby supermarket for groceries, and the trio planned to stop at the park’s fitness corner on their way home.

“Before arriving [the park] a cat suddenly rushed towards my dog. My dog ​​barked at it several times and I picked it up, so the cat ended up attacking me,” said the 60-year-old.

She added that her dog had not provoked the cat before the altercation and did not know why the attack happened.

In the midst of the fight, Zhou’s family tried to use a crutch to scare the stray away, and even tried to throw shrimp they had purchased at it, but none of their tactics worked.

When Zhou revisited the scene with reporters from the Chinese daily, she spotted the cat lying under a bench, and it seemed rather wary of strangers.


“When the cat scratched me, it was extremely painful,” Zhou recalls.

“He was very fierce, his fur stood up on his end. He let go of me only after a stranger stepped in to help. »

Although her dog escaped unscathed, Zhou suffered multiple leg injuries, including a 10cm-long scratch. His pants were also torn from the cat’s scratches.

She said she received an anti-inflammatory vaccine, as well as painkillers at a clinic. The doctor also told him that the gash on his left foot was “quite deep”.

“I’ve lived here for 11 years, and nothing like this has happened before. I’m just glad my injuries don’t affect my daily life.”

Dog attack lands maltipoo in intensive care

Last month, a woman’s pet maltipoo was mauled by an Alaskan Malamute at Namly Avenue.

Jennifer Fan then told the Straits Times that her dog, Milo, had come out with her helper for a walk in the estate when they came across the malamute and its owner.

The big dog then lunched towards Milo.

“My assistant collapsed from trauma and neighbors called an ambulance for her. My maltipoo was in intensive care at the veterinary hospital for over a week.”

“His left kidney was severed and he needed two operations before he was discharged after 11 days of highly dependent care,” Fan said, adding that his pet had incurred more than $20,000 in treatment costs.

The Animal and Veterinary Service said it was investigating the matter at the time.

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