Stuck Witham cat is rescued by firefighters

FIREFIGHTERS have been called to rescue a trapped cat after missing from its family for nearly a week.

Sebastian Ward-Smith and his future wife Hollie, from Witham, lost their cat Willow for five days after becoming trapped between large containers nearby.

Sebastian said: “She disappeared on a Tuesday evening, and she normally arrives first thing in the morning and sleeps most of the day.

“She didn’t come back and we were quite alarmed.

“Straight away we went to the Witham art center, printed flyers, made A4 posters and hung them on lampposts.

“We were knocking on neighbours’ doors, dropping leaflets and the response from the community was overwhelming.

“Every day we were looking, and we went out for lunch on Saturday afternoon, and after that we went to the carpet store in Ramsden Mills.

“Our garden backs onto it and when we came down we could hear it meowing in one of the containers.

“We asked someone who worked there to open one of the doors and the containers were full of rugs, but we couldn’t see it, only hear it.

“Turns out she was between the containers.”

Harwich and Manningtree Standard: N/AN / A

Willow had gotten herself stuck between the roof of one of the containers and the floor of another.

Having no other choice, they called the fire department to help them.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard: N/AN / A

Sebastian said: “We were quite worried and didn’t know how we were going to get her out.

“We phoned the fire department knowing that if anyone can get her out it will be them.

“They sent an expert and after a few hours said the only viable solution was to drill a hole.

“They got to work and used a thermal camera to see where it was and opened it carefully and safely.

“They got her out and she was home straight away. She was just sneezing and snotty where she breathed in dust, but she had a vet exam and she was fine.

“I’m a carpenter myself, I run DIY services, so after the incident I went back there on Monday and fixed the containers.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard: N/AN / A

“We are very grateful to the firefighters and the Witham community for their help and we are delighted that she is safe at home.”