Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac turns ‘smelly cat room’ into baby nursery – and social media can’t get enough

Sunrise meteorologist Sam Mac posted a hilarious video on his Instagram showing the transformation of a “smelly cat room” into a nursery.

He and partner Rebecca James are awaiting the imminent arrival of their little one and the TV personality is delighted to update fans and subscribers alike on their preparations for the big event.

WATCH VIDEO ABOVE: Sam Mac turns ‘smelly cat room’ into baby’s room

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“Bec’s dad arrived with his tools and I arrived with mine,” Sam begins the video.

“It’s time to become the Bunnings brothers. We both speak Bunnings fluently.

“Staff were impressed with my knowledge of hardware, and Phil and I had a serious bond.”

The camera then cuts to Sam sucking on an icy pole while Rebecca’s dad, Phil, does all the work.

Sam Mac: Do you work hard or do you barely work? Credit: Instagram/Sam Mac

“Then a life-affirming moment,” Sam continues.

“Phil allowed me to paint for eight seconds before he crushed my dreams and told me I was doing everything wrong.

“He said my skills were better suited to other areas” – like making pizza for lunch.

“To fit in, I had to make more superfluous noise,” he continued.

Cat in the “smelly cat room”; Bec’s father tells Sam that he is painting the room incorrectly. Cue eye roll. Credit: Instagram/Sam Mac

Four days later, the smelly cat room had been transformed – and looked beautiful.

“Packed with all the essentials ready for the little one’s arrival,” he said.

“Unless the disgruntled project manager (i.e. Bec) comes home and hates the color.”

The room is painted in a light olive green color, filled with soft toys and cute trinkets.

The room is full of cute things – and has a great view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Credit: Instagram/Sam Mac

“Packed with all the essentials,” Sam says as the camera zooms in on her book, Accidental Weatherman, at the end of the baby bookcase.

Sam’s fans and followers loved the video.

“Love it!!! Not long now,” Jessica Ridley said.

“Love everything about this video,” Barry du Bois wrote.

“You make it all so easy on Instagram.

“Sending love and strength to both of you. In fact, all three of you!

Sam Mac and Bec James are expecting a baby. Credit: Sam Mac/instagram

“It looks so comfortable. Great job,” a follower added.

“Sensational,” said another.

“The personal touches make it special, like that book at the end of the shelf.”

Others only had one question now that the smelly cat room had been transformed.

“Where will the cat live? asked more than one person.

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