Sussex rescue cat appears in charity calendar

A malnourished kitten has been treated and is now appearing in a charity calendar.

Logan was pink and had barely any fur when Ghislaine Belither, carnivore keeper at Howlett’s Wild Animal Park, first met him three years ago.

“I was working at Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Center when Logan was signed as a five-day-old kitten,” Ghislaine said.

“He was so small, weighing only 70g, and he had been given a cautious prognosis as he was malnourished and underweight.”

It was Ghislaine’s job to entrust Logan, but she had never intended to adopt him.

“He trusted me. It was heartwarming to see him getting better and better and starting to grow his beautiful coat.

“After spending so much time with him, I couldn’t help but bring him home. Giving a kitten a good start in life, doing everything for cats, is so rewarding.

Logan is now three years old and Cats Protection has selected him for inclusion in their 2023 calendar.

The calendar tells stories of cats successfully adopted by the charity’s network of adoption centres.

The Cats Protection Wall Calendar shares the stories of cats successfully adopted from the largest network of adoption centers and volunteer-run branches of the UK’s largest cat charity.

“Our 2023 calendars will put smiles on faces across the country, showcasing the result of the good work done by volunteers and staff at our branches, centers and stores, and a reminder that we do everything for cats,” said Tom Ryan. , Head of Retail and Trading at Cats Protection.

“Every calendar, planner, box of Christmas cards or hidden treasure purchased this season will help cats in need.”

Logan’s photo appears on the September calendar page.

Ghislaine said it was “very special” to have Logan alongside other “inspirational” stories.

She said: “It recognizes the work people like me across the charity have put in to look after cats in need. And for Logan, I will forever call him Mr. September.