The cat-and-mouse fight between Congress MPs and the party high command keeps Raj’s political future ‘on hold’!

Written by: Aditi Nagar, Amit Mishra, Yogesh Sharma, Naresh Sharma, Laxman Raghav, Ashvini Yadav and Ziauddin Khan

Jaipur: It seems that the politics of Rajasthan, and more specifically of Cong, have come to a crossroads. While on the one hand, CM Ashok Gehlot is preparing to file an application for the position of Cong Prez and Sachin Pilot is considered to be the high command’s choice as CM, but the Gehlot camp has become angry with the Pilot’s name and “rebelled” against the supposed high command candidate. Even before the legislative party meeting on Sunday, MPs from the Gehlot faction gathered at Dhariwal’s house and resigned after reaching Joshi’s house. Cabinet Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas claimed that 92 MPs have resigned. “Our only demand is that the CM not be made up of people who have rebelled. There is dissatisfaction among lawmakers as to why the decision was not made after asking lawmakers,” the PSK said. It is said that Cong incharge Maken informed the high command and specifically Sonia about the whole situation in Raj and after that Sonia ordered Maken to talk to deputies one on one.

Late Sunday night, KC Venugopal clarified that he had not spoken to Gehlot and expressed hope that the issue would be resolved soon. According to sources, Sonia Gandhi ordered Ajay Maken to return to Delhi only after pushing through the resolution by speaking to each of the MPs, but the Gehlot camp MPs denied any opinion and said they had sent their proposal and expressed their faith. in Gehlot. There was also a discussion in the media that Venugopal spoke to Ashok Gehlot on the phone at the request of Sonia and Rahul and took all the details, in which Gehlot said the situation was not in his control. Meanwhile, Sonia Gandhi, who is said to be very upset with developments in the Rajasthan Congress, reportedly called Ajay Maken, Mallikarjun Kharge, Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot to Delhi. It is also said that Sonia Gandhi could meet the legislative delegation. However, late at night, Ajay Maken clarified that he would not go to Delhi, but would speak to every MP as instructed by Sonia Gandhi. Maken also said he would only go to Delhi after pushing through the resolution granting Sonia Gandhi the right to choose the leader of the legislative party.

Earlier, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot reached the hotel to meet with State Official Ajay Maken and Observer Mallikarjun Kharge. After a short encounter, the three of them arrived at CM House. But the meeting was canceled due to the unavailability of several deputies. However, Sachin Pilot, his MLA supporters and a few other MPs had reached CM House for the legislative party meeting. Dr. Raghu Sharma, Divya Maderna, Rita Singh, Hemaram Chaudhary, Deepender Singh Shekhawat, Harish Meena, Rajendra Gudha, Suresh Modi, Khiladi Lal Bairwa, Girraj Singh Malinga, Brajendra Ola have attained RMC. “I also met with Maken and Kharge and briefed them on the situation, then at their request I went to Dhariwal’s residence to bring Dhariwal and Dotasara to the hotel, but the deputies present at Dhariwal’s house did not take them. not let go,” Khachariyawas said. . Interestingly, during the meeting at Minister Shanti Dhariwal’s house, MPs from the Gehlot faction decide to meet with the Chairman, Dr. CP Joshi and strategize to submit their resignations. Several MPs from the Gehlot faction advised boycotting the legislature party meeting. More than 92 deputies were present at this meeting. It is said that on Sunday morning, 5 MPs had gathered at Minister Dhariwal’s house, to whom Dhariwal told that Ajay Maken informed the high command one-line proposal which states that the right to choose the new chief minister would be handed over at the top command. This did not go over well with the MPs, and the MPs began to congregate at Dhariwal’s residence, the number of which rose to 92 by the evening, including independent MPs. They stressed that “opportunity should only be given to MPs loyal to the party