The Cat Colony Ordinance will be reviewed on Monday in full ownership

FREEHOLD, NJ — A borough council ordinance regulating a proposed pilot program to control the colony’s cat population here will be considered Monday.

The “TNR” pilot program – referring to trap, neuter, vaccinate and release – was introduced on November 21.

The ordinance to “amend Title 6 (Animals) of the Borough Code” is on council’s agenda for Monday, December 19, for a second reading and public hearing. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. in the borough council chambers, 30, rue Mechanic. The agenda also contains a resolution adopting the ordinance.

Under the TNR pilot scheme, if passed, cat colonies would be permitted and carers “would be allowed to maintain them” according to the order.

More details on the prescription can be found here.

Any cat in such a managed and registered colony would not be considered a “feral cat” for code purposes, the order says.

The proposed pilot program would end two years after its effective date unless the council takes action to continue it before that date.

The borough will study the effectiveness of the program no later than six months before the expiration of the pilot program, if it has not already acted to extend the program.