The cat is going to the vet, a cute feline friend thinks it’s time to save him. Watch | Tendency

Friendships are the best, especially ones where people go the extra mile to make sure all friends stay out of trouble and live happily ever after. But guess what gets even better? It’s seeing friendships like this not only between human beings but also between adorable little animals. Obviously, the case in point is the adorable friendship between two cats seen in this video that was recently shared on Reddit and has since gone viral. The video ends by showing how the two cats end up breaking into the cat carrier brought by their human.

The video was shared on the subReddit named r/AnimalsBeingBros. It has over six million members and is known for posting adorable videos and photos of kind and friendly animals to each other and to humans. The video of the two adorable and funny cats was shared with a caption that reads, ‘Cat saves pal from vet’.

Watch the animal video below:

Shared a few hours ago, the video has already received more than 28,000 upvotes.

“The orange cat is like my brother, just let me get this itch checked, leave me alone,” one Redditor posted. “Jerry, we’re going home. Now hurry,” wrote another from the perspective of the cat, who was trying to save his friend. “No time to explain, Jerry gets in the kit car!” commented a third.