The cat, which has been missing for four days, comes home, tries to ring the doorbell. Watch | Tendency

There are different types of cat videos on the internet. While some of them show off the wacky side of kitties, others capture their intelligence. Just like this video shared on YouTube which shows what a cat did when it returned home after four days of being missing.

The incredible video was posted on the official YouTube channel of home security manufacturing company Ring. “Efrain says his cat, Lilly, is ‘very territorial’ and has never run away before. “She explores the outdoors but always comes home,” he says. But since moving to a neighborhood Lilly didn’t know, “this time was different.” She left for one of her adventures and disappeared for four long days, which was “absolutely the longest she’s ever been away”. But then, late one night, Efrain received a motion alert from his Ring video doorbell. “And the next thing we know…we see Lilly live on camera appear on our TV screen and the Alexa device that’s in our kitchen,” he says. “That must have been the funniest, smartest thing I’ve ever seen a pet do, she definitely rang the doorbell and was clearly meowing, ‘MOM!'” they wrote by sharing the video.

Watch the cat video:

The video was shared a day ago. Since its release, the clip has racked up over 27,000 views and the numbers are only growing. The video also prompted people to post various comments.

“Oh my god this poor cat looked so panicked and the parent looked so relieved,” one YouTube user said. “This is awesome and so healthy!” shared another. “Did the cat just say mom???” asks a third. “Love it,” wrote a fourth. What do you think of the video?