The Dark Web’s flames go out and Spidey and Black Cat’s relationship heats up in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

Last weekend at Lucca Comics & Games Festival, Editor-in-Chief CB Cebulski and legendary artist John Romita Jr. gave attendees a special preview of what’s on the horizon for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!

Fans finally got to see February’s epic cover DARK WEB FINAL #1, the surprising conclusion to the X-Men/Spider-Man crossover that will ignite the holiday season in December! It was also revealed that INCREDIBLE SPIDER-MAN #19 and #20 will be a two-part guest arc by two Spidey superstars: Joe Kelly and Terry Dodson! Readers of Zeb Wells’ current series have seen Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy’s love affair in full swing, and now two of Black Cat’s most influential creators return to take it to the next level!

Dawn is breaking after the demonic invasion of New York, but what will this light reveal? Find out in DARK WEB FINALE #1 by Zeb Wells and artist Adam Kubert. The climactic double issue will reveal Chasm’s latest bet and the new denizens of hell he helped create and unleash on Spider-Man and the X-Men! Fans will see how Limbo will change the landscape of the city forever, literally! Kubert’s latest cover, along with an AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #18 variant cover by Ed McGuinness, also offers a startling first look at the INSIDIOUS SIX, a twisted version of the Sinister Six that will torment Spidey throughout the series. event!

Dark Web is over, but the effects will rock Spider-Man for a long time. To recuperate, Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy escape the city to an exclusive upstate spa in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #19-20! Trouble surely won’t follow our Web-Head and spoil his romantic getaway… Join guest creative team Joe Kelly and Terry Dodson for this two-part special where Spidey and Black Cat take the next step and no one tries to. kill them…for now.