The man records his husband melodiously singing a funny song to his cat. Watch | Tendency

The man took to Instagram to share the video of his hubby melodiously singing a fun song to their cat.

A video of a man recording his husband singing with his cat has become a source of entertainment for netizens. Shared on Instagram, the video shows the animal’s father melodiously singing a fun song about the cat’s diet. The video may leave you laughing.

The video is posted on the Instagram page of a content creator named Justin. “Frankie is a space cat,” he wrote, posting the video. The clip begins with the man laughing and explaining how her husband sings to the cat. He then walks to another room to show her husband holding the cat and playing.

Take a look at the video:

The video was posted a few days ago. The clip, since being shared, has gone viral. So far it has racked up over 1.2 million views and the numbers are only growing. The sharing also prompted people to share various comments to show their reactions.

“What is this musical, where can I buy tickets,” one Instagram user posted. ” He has a beautiful voice ! I love this! Lol,” another shared. “It’s adorable!! I love it,” commented a third. “It’s so good what a jingle,” shared a fourth. is felt seen and heard. Why give up quantities of food? That does not make any sense. No more fluff,” joked a fifth. “It’s the best thing ever!!!” writes a sixth.