The most useless cat in the world brings a mouse to share food with him

Misty seems to be very useless at catching her prey (Picture: SWNS)

A cat owner thinks his pet is vegan and pacifist after befriending his prey rather than trying to catch it.

Gray cat Misty – who is quite a useless hunter – was actually spotted sharing her food with a little mouse who entered the family home in Thornbury, Gloucestershire.

His owner took this hilarious photo and called the couple “the real Tom and Jerry.”

“I used to leave food for her, and now she comes in and eats the food and brings her ‘friends,'” said her owner, who lives on a farm with her husband and Misty.

‘Maybe she’s vegan. She wasn’t hungry enough to eat the mouse, so she might have thought it was a little someone to play with.

“We all had a good laugh about it. It was like a real Tom and Jerry cartoon. I’m surprised the mouse wasn’t scared either. He did not move away from her.

The couple adopted the stray cat after the death of their elderly cat, Molly, who they called their ‘mouse boss’ and a ‘real farm cat’.

She said: ‘Misty was a bit of a wanderer and she found us.

His owner, from Thornbury in Gloucestershire, thinks the cat might be vegan (Picture: SWNS)

“We lost our farm cat and she suddenly appeared a bit hungry and skinny.

“Now she lives here, and she’s so friendly.”

But instead of taking on the vacant role of mouse in the family, Misty instead treats the house like a rodent “restaurant” and wants to play with her prey.

“She just doesn’t look hungry so she doesn’t eat them,” her owner added.

“Maybe when we started feeding her, she was like, ‘Oh, the mouse might be hungry for food too because these people are nice.

“I don’t think she has the guts in her to kill them.”

But her owners have no intention of getting rid of Misty, even though she’s a bit useless on the mouse front.

“Our neighbors think it’s hysterical,” the owner added. “They just think it’s really funny and they all had a good laugh about it.

“But I wouldn’t bring another one. We have four farm cats next door, and they are very capable.

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