The ‘Murder Mittens’ group is all about cats showing off their claws, and here are 130 of the scariest (new pics)

We also asked Lisa if there were any misconceptions about cat’s claws that she wanted to clear up. “It’s easy to teach a cat where to scratch,” she said. “Make the unwanted scratching area less attractive by using double-sided tape or aluminum foil. Place a large, sturdy cat scratching post in the area where they scratch, reward them when they use the scratching post. We need to make sure they have a proper substrate in that area where a cat scratches has meaning.As well as training them to use the scratching post, you can desensitize your cat to having their nails trimmed.

“If your cat scratches you, it’s not out of spite. There’s a reason. It could be a predator if cats scratch their feet or ankles when people pass by. Make sure your cat enjoys lots of interactive play with a quality lure to drain that predatory energy.”

Finally, Lisa added, “When a cat is scratching its hands, it may be overstimulated or overhandled. It’s important to learn your cat’s body language. Chances are they’ve given several clues before scratching that he was above the interaction.”

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