The pet cat turns off the game on the iPad, “begs” the human to turn it back on. Watch | Tendency

If you’re someone who’s into cats and the videos of cats and kittens that continue to go viral online, you’ll probably have a good idea of ​​how often these felines are found “begging.” and that’s exactly what can be seen in this video which was originally shared on TikTok and later shared on Instagram. The video opens to show a cat that can be seen playing a game on an iPad. The video then contains a text insert that provides more context about what is happening in that particular chat video. “She accidentally turned off her game and politely asked me to turn it back on,” it read. Chances are you can relate to this video if you’ve seen kids and how they act around iPads and any other form of video games.

This video is sure to make you laugh out loud and go “aww” at the same time. “Please, my beloved hooman,” displays text across the top of the screen that is from the perspective of this cat who just can’t stop “begging” his human to turn the light back on. video game. “Look at the paws, cats are so smart,” reads the caption that accompanies this adorable cat video.

Watch it below:

Shared on August 1, this video has more than 2.55 lakh likes so far.

“Guided access. Keep iPad in one app,” one Instagram user suggested. “Turn it on good meow,” reads another hilarious comment from the cat’s perspective. “Kitty wants the mouse game back, so polite,” records a third.