The reaction of the cute cat when seeing a balloon will make you laugh. Watch | Tendency

The cute little pets that keep us company at home are often quite annoyed when it comes to seeing something absolutely new that they haven’t seen before that occasion. And of course, that’s precisely what can be seen happening in a video that was recently shared on Instagram and went viral for the cutest reasons that are quite similar to what was just discussed. . The video opens to show how a house cat reacts in the most adorable way when it encounters a balloon.

The shiny red balloon can be seen being dragged around the room by this adorable munchkin. The video was shared with a caption that reads, “Biskit LOVES balloons.” It was shared on the Instagram page dedicated to this adorable feline named Biskit. The little creature happens to be a calico cat.

Watch the cat video here:

Posted on September 26, this video has already received 89,500 likes on it.

“The fact that Biskit is having so much fun with it,” one Instagram user pointed out. “My cat will run at the sight of a ball,” said another individual. “She’s her friend,” remarked a third.