The smartphone app that lets you “talk to your cat”

A new app has been launched which is supposed to help you understand what your cat is saying.

The self-proclaimed “cat translator” app Meow Talk Cat Translator says it uses AI to gauge what your furry friend’s meows and hisses actually mean.

Meow Talk is developed by former Amazon Alexa engineer Javier Sanchez and speech therapy lecturer Susanne Schotz, and first launched in app stores in 2020, but has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent weeks. after going viral in Japan.

Javier Sanchez, founder of Meow Talk

Meow Talk uses 13 predefined cat vocalizations as a map of what your cat might mean when it makes a certain sound, and displays the term on your smartphone screen, with the ambition of bringing pets and their owners closer together. humans.

It should be noted, however, that nothing in this application is scientifically proven, and that it simply bases the language of your cat on what the sound could mean.

This means that any human making cat sounds would also have their speech translated.

So while the app may indicate that your cat likes you, it could actually be the opposite. But then again, when it comes to cats, does it really matter?