The US Army Corps of Engineers Gives a Masterclass in Bad Photoshopping of a Cat Calendar

You’ve probably already picked out your 2023 calendar. It might have beautiful landscape photos or famous artwork for each month. Throw it. Got something better: the 2023 US Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District cat calendar. Download it and print it immediately.

The calendar has the usual expected features, with a monthly photo and dates below. Each image shows a giant cat lying on or attacking equipment or a key piece of infrastructure. January kicks off with a tabby using Hills Creek Reservoir in Oregon as a scratching post. July features a cat sitting on the deck of a Corps of Engineers ship. Commentary on mothers, giant cats and cat behavior accompany the images.

The Corps of Engineers quietly released the schedule late last year, but it has recently come to public attention. The Portland District tweeted about it last week, with a tongue-in-cheek response to criticism of the “poorly photoshopped” calendar. “At least now we finally have a New Year’s resolution. I’m going to sign up for a Photoshop class,” the band wrote.

I would say a lot of the charm of the calendar would be lost if it was a slick production. Wobbly proportions, funky edges, goofy font, silly handwriting and random composition make this a labor of love and joy. Please, the person from the Corps of Engineers who did this, don’t take this course in Photoshop. Live your own giant cat truth and start over for 2024.