These 9 DIY projects are perfect for any cat lover

Cats! They are cute, cuddly, full of personality and will often, if not always, ignore your existence. But we still love them because our hearts and homes would be empty without them. Even with their snobby nature, these cute furry animals still have a way of warming hearts; they deserve all the best. Do you have a cat or know someone who does? Try building one of these 9 DIY projects perfect for any cat lover.

1. Find My Cat: the GPS tracker for pets

Cats are naturally self-sufficient and instinctively driven to hide when hunting or avoiding prey. As a result, even domestic cats always hide. Surprisingly, their hiding places are not complicated as they always hide in plain sight. You can search for your cat for hours only to find it staring at you like you’re crazy in that empty Amazon parcel box you received the other day.

While you can’t stop your cat from hiding, you can make the pet tracker featured in this Instructables guide so you can easily find them the next time they hide. It’s specially designed to fit a cat, has long battery life, and uses GPS for positioning. If you’re looking to build similar gadgets, these awesome DIY projects any pet owner would love to try would be a perfect choice.

2. CheetahBeam: automatic laser cat toy

Cats and laser pointers are a match made in heaven. A cat will ignore your existence for hours, but as soon as you pull out a laser pointer, you immediately catch its attention. But while getting your cat’s attention is undoubtedly rewarding, you may not always have enough time to play with it.

If that’s your dilemma, then the CheetahBeam laser toy in this Instructables project is just the perfect cat DIY project to get you started. It includes a 3D printed case hooked up to a pair of servos, a laser pointer, a microcontroller and a switch. These components are then paired with software that performs 12 cycles and automatically moves the laser beam so your cat is engaged while you perform other essential tasks.

3. Cat flap with animal recognition

Cats are easy to housebreak – of course, they can never resist a warm bed, good food, and a human servant to pick up their poop. However, when housekeeping a cat, especially a stray, keeping them indoors 24/7 is never an option. In fact, rescued strays prefer to roam outside at night and return early in the morning when humanity begins to move. While cats wandering outside are no problem, it does mean one thing for the cat parent: they constantly have to open and close the door for their best feline friend.

Do you know a cat lover faced with such a scenario? Build them a cat flap with animal recognition. This project has just the ideal. It uses computer vision and motion detection to open whenever it automatically detects a cat’s face. This allows the cat to come in and out as it pleases without putting the house at risk of burglary.

4. Self-Serve Cat Feeder

You’re not always at home, but you want to make sure your feline’s belly is always full? A cat feeder is just what you need. There are many commercial models on the market, but building your own allows you to modify the design to your liking while keeping costs down.

Plus, it’s quite satisfying to watch your feline benefit from something you’ve built yourself. And the good news is that you don’t need to be a master DIYer to build it, because this guide has a simple cat feeder plan. Here are some other automatic pet feeders you can build.

5. Smart Cat Collar

An automatic cat flap means you won’t be constantly opening and closing your door to let your cat in, but you will still have to worry about where it is. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that second thing either, because you can always get them a smart collar.

As with most cat products, there are plenty of commercial options, but making one yourself is sentimental. Check out this project for supplies and step-by-step instructions for an easy-to-build DIY smart cat collar. You might also be interested in these DIY clothes that can fit both cats and dogs.

6. Sourino: The best toy for cats and children

Want to keep your cats and kids busy while you do your chores? Build the Sourino as shown in this Instructables project. It’s an Arduino-based mouse (hence the name Sourino: “mouse” is French for mouse) that can be controlled remotely but is also automatic. That means you can turn on auto mode when you’re busy and have it engage your cats and kids, and actively control it when you have time. The best part? It automatically detects and avoids obstacles.

7. Motorized String Toy for Cats

automatic string toy
Image Credit: THE INVENTOR UPstairs/Instructables

Laser beams are a cat’s favorite thing, but like everything else, they eventually get monotonous. This means that at some point your feline will only chase that beam for a few seconds before getting bored. It would be best if you build another hands-free toy to keep their playtime interesting. Don’t know what to build? Give the motorized cat string toy a try in this Instructables guide and thank us later.

8. Cat Spray

Although felines are naturally fiery, they will quiver like a leaf and take flight at the sight of certain objects we perceive as normal. For example, a cat will run away if it sees a vaporizer. So if you have trouble regulating a certain cat’s behavior, try this one. And to make the process even easier, consider building the automatic shared cat sprayer in this project.

9. Make a cat bed from a computer screen

Cat in a monitor
Image Credit: AlpineButterfly/Instructables

Recently got a cat and don’t have a cat bed? Are you tired of sharing your bed with your felines? Make a cat bed from an old computer screen. You reduce your tech garage waste and save Mother Nature additional waste while creating a cozy place for your best furry friend. And the good news is, you don’t need deep technical experience, just this Instructables guide and the supplies listed inside.

DIY projects for cat lovers

Just because Angela next door spends hundreds of dollars on her cats doesn’t mean you have to. You can improve your cat’s lifestyle using simple DIY projects, and the nine above are perfect for any cat lover.