This cat is pure Punjabi, proves it with graceful Bhangra moves on ‘Heer majajan aayi’ in viral video: The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, August 7

People keep pets and care for them like family. To ensure that their paw friends are imbued with their cultural values, they offer unique ways to include them in the celebrations.

Similarly, a Punjabi woman decided to let her cat know that he belongs to a Punjabi family and chose the funniest way to do it.

In a video shared on Instagram under the username “imjustbesti”, the woman can be seen raising her cat’s hands in the air, mimicking Bhangra’s footsteps to the beats.

Netizens can’t get enough of the cute video. “Even this tail is on beat,” one user commented.

Check out the ‘purrjabi kitty’ doing Bhangra:

One user commented, “How can he be so calm in all of this?”

Another suggested: “Turn billi into Billo.”

“Meowpreet Singh Purrjabi,” a third user named the chat.

The video amassed over 1.5 lakh views.