This cat translator app can identify what your cat’s meow means

Cat owners no longer have to guess what their cat is saying. MeowTalk will translate cat meows and let their owners know what they are saying.

MeowTalk has been available for download since November 2020, but has recently become increasingly popular as users want to understand what their cat’s meow means. Unfortunately, cats have often been misunderstood creatures that many don’t fully understand. There’s no doubt that cats are mysterious pets, but often they let their owners know what they want, but they’re just misunderstood.

It may not always seem like it, but pets have always tried to communicate with their owners. Some ways animals communicate can include physical, sound, chemical, tactile, or action cues. For example, purrs and hisses are quick indicators of a cat’s feelings. A cat’s body language is one of the main ways it reads its thoughts: if a cat is wide-eyed, it usually means that it thinks it’s time to play and its adrenaline is rushing. A cat’s tail can indicate anger when its tail is swollen; friendliness when its tail is relaxed; uncertainty when his tail is stiff; and loves when his cock slowly wraps around her side.


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There are many ways cats can communicate with their owners without words, but now MeowTalk makes it easy to understand what cats are saying when they meow. How the app works, there are nine built-in general intentions that the app detects from the cat’s meow. These nine intentions include defense, fight, anger, happiness, chase, mating, call, pain or rest. It’s also possible for the app to learn what specific words each cat knows, which includes the option for the app to recognize when the user’s cat meows to ask for food.

The application is personalized for each user

MeowTalk doesn’t just pick up meow tones for translation. It matches and detects the meows of specific cats. No two cats share the same meows, so the app is customized specifically for the owner’s cat. Each cat also knows a different number of words, so whether a cat talks a lot or not a lot is different from cat to cat. This app is particularly important because cats mainly use meows to communicate with their owners, while body language and smell are used to communicate with other cats.

This app is a great way to strengthen the bond between cat and owner. It may even allow cats to live longer, healthier and happier lives. MeowTalk is the way owners can listen and better understand their cats. Downloading this app on Android and Apple phones is a step toward owners giving their cats a voice.

Source: MeowTalk