This cute cat has a lot to ‘say’ when dinner is just a few seconds late. Watch | Tendency

Many of us might get grumpy if we don’t get food on time, but very few reactions can beat that of one particular cat in a video that has regularly gone viral on Instagram. It opens to show how a cute cat throws a tantrum after he wasn’t served food at exactly the time he’s used to. The video which was shared on Instagram was posted on the page dedicated to three cute kittens named Phineas, Tyrion and Holly. And this page dedicated to these three felines has over 5.43 lakh dedicated followers who eagerly await daily updates in the form of photos and videos of these cats’ daily antics.

Although the video of the cat is extremely cute, many noted how the cat struggled to stay steady in one spot. For this reason, the caption of this video states: “Do you wonder why Phin is so wobbly? He was born with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia! That means his cerebellum never fully developed, so he’s missing a lot of important neurons for proper coordination. It doesn’t get worse or better over time, and it’s not treatable, but it’s not painful, and he’s a very happy cat despite his disability!

Watch the video right here:

Since uploading to Instagram just three days ago, the video has garnered over 27,000 likes.

On Instagram, one person notes, “To be fair to Phin, doesn’t 8.3 seconds equal about 2 weeks in cat years?” “Listen to what he says! exclaims another user. A third response humorously shares: “Not fed exactly on time, so drops instantly due to starvation!”

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