This Dog’s Presence of Mind Saves a Cat’s Goldfish

Dogs are the only animals that love their masters more than they love themselves. A dog’s loyalty to its masters is unmatched. There are hardly any dull moments with a pet dog in your home, because the four-legged dog is always putting on antics. The fact that even animals are susceptible is evident from a recent viral video that has been making the rounds on the internet.

Shared on Twitter by an account named Gabriele Corno, the heartwarming video shows a pet dog rushing to save the life of a fish from a cat. “I think having an animal in our life makes us better humans,” wrote Gabriele, a resident of Montreux, Switzerland.

The 12-second video, which caught the eye of netizens, captures a cat and a fish in the same frame. A goldfish can be seen lying on the ground, struggling to breathe, while a curious cat is busy pawing at the poor fish. Another goldfish is also spotted in a bowl of water placed at a distance.

The hearts of social media users began to sink after observing the obvious fate of the poor goldfish, which was about to die either from lack of breath or the cat supposedly ogling its next prey. However, soon a Labrador appears in the video. Like a savior, the dog gently holds the dying fish in its mouth and drops it into the water bowl with the other goldfish.


While many users praised the Labrador’s presence of mind, others criticized the person responsible for recording the video. One user remarked, “Who puts goldfish in a bowl of water on the floor?”

Another user commented, “Who else is here to talk about the cameraman and the cat watching the fish die before the dog says, ‘Man you’re both screwed’.”

So far, the viral video has been viewed 3.7 million times. He garnered over 1.43 lakh likes and over 20,000 retweets on the micro-blogging platform.

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