This Mumbai apartment is home to a couple, their cat and 100 pairs of trainers

Lots of colors and lots of shoes. This is what you notice when you enter Sangeet and Nisha Paryani’s apartment in Santa Cruz, although the latter, not quite immediately. As owners of multi-brand sneaker chain Superkicks, the shoes are hardly surprising. “They have over 100 pairs, so we had to be really sneaky with storage — no small feat in a 1,000 square foot apartment,” says Oormi Rohra, founder and lead designer of Studio of Dawn and Dusk, which was harnessed by the Paryanis (and their cat, Cookie) to give the house an upgrade that loves colors, optimizes shoe storage, and is cat-proof. Besides colors and footwear, of course, there were other considerations to take into account. “Nisha wanted a cheerful and cozy vibe, while Sangeet favored a minimalist aesthetic. We married the two to create a playful, modern style where color is the shy shining star.

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The living room is a leafy oasis with green walls and daisies. A dove gray sofa and bright red armchair make up the seating area, while an unusually shaped rug hosts a teak nesting coffee table by Desi Gulaab. The TV unit is extended by a book shelf at one end and a shoe cabinet at the other. With a checkerboard front and a Picasso-style handle, the bar cabinet is the crowning glory of the space. The artwork is by Anuradha Paryani.

Vineet Velandy

Marriage of styles

Looking back, it was rather a good thing that Nisha and Sangeet wanted different styles, as the combined result gives off a fresh, airy vibe that’s rare in city apartments. “We blasted the space with green tones, funky shapes and various materials to address the surrounding urban concrete. As for the furniture, birch plywood was the material of choice, while the walls were finished in micro-concrete to make the space appear larger than otherwise. For the partition between the living room and the living room, Rohra chose to use ribbed glass to blur the boundary between the two. For the designer, the tour de force, at least in terms of objects, is the bar cabinet, “tailor-made to look like a work of art”. Crafted from birch plywood, with a checkerboard front and face-shaped handle, it has an irresistible Picasso quality.