Top 30 Pet Trends in October

Just as consumers have paid more attention to their health and nutrition in recent years, October 2022 pet trends suggest they are doing the same with their pets.

Pet nutrition is booming, and October 2022 Pet Trends reveal that there are more better-for-you options for pet owners than ever before. For example, SuperZoo 2022, pet nutrition startup “Because, Animals” recently launched a line of sustainable vegan treats for cats that contain no meat or animal by-products.

The October 2022 Pet Trends also show that owners are going beyond just buying healthier food options for their pets, but are also adding supplements to their diets. A great example is canine supplement company Finn, which offers a new Skin & Coat supplement for dogs that promotes healthier skin, a shinier coat, and overall cellular health support. Similarly, vegan nutrition company “Opal Pets” recently launched Perfect Powder, which is a plant-based, complete vitamin, mineral, and amino acid supplement for adult dogs.