Trainable Cats: The 10 Beautiful Cat Breeds That Can Be Trained Easiest – From Cute Pixiebob To Intelligent Bengal

As most cat owners will attest, it’s easy to become addicted to a cat.

These magnificent creatures have been adored for centuries and are often part of a household for the rest of your life.

Reports indicate that the average cat owner actually owns at least two cats – although we’re sure you may know many more.

And while their head boops are adorable and their 16-hour naps make them cuter, some cat breeds can even perform cool tricks with the proper training.

So if you want a cat that you can devote time and attention to, and be rewarded with cute little things, these 10 cat breeds are most likely to meet your needs.

*Although cat breeds share similar characteristics, we advise each cat to have its own personality and needs, including medical, which is paramount when bringing a cat into your home. Please take this into account if you adopt a cat.