Tucson Woman Spreads Love to Shelter Cats and Dogs

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – Weekly, KOLD News 13 and Casino Del Sol partner up to highlight a person or organization that does good in our community.

This week we honor someone who spreads love to dogs and cats living in shelters.

Teri Bambauer began volunteering at Hermitage Cat Shelter in Tucson.

“They need love as much as we need love,” she said. “Most of these cats were either on the street or abandoned. We just give them love as much as we can.

She has volunteered at the cat shelter for over five years and also helps paths for legs, a dog shelter in town.

“It’s completely different from cats, but the love you can give any animal is a blessing,” she said.

Bambauer battled brain cancer for years and says volunteering is therapy for her.

“There’s a special place here for all kinds of kittens,” she said of the Hermitage. “Before, I had to follow many therapies. It’s nice to talk to a human, but those little guys just brought me joy. It just relieves the stress. The minute (I) walk into a shelter, my blood pressure probably drops by half when I’m here.

Bambauer said she helps and that being around animals makes her happy.

“I had my second brain surgery last year in June,” she said. “I’m just lucky enough to be able to come and love these animals. How could that not make you happy?”

On behalf of Casino Del Sol, Bambauer received a $300 gift card.

“It’s super awesome, it’s so special,” Bambauer said. “That will buy a lot of pet food in my pantry. And those little critters.

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