Valérie Bertinelli’s adorable cat photo is turning heads on Twitter

Bertinelli has been a strong supporter of black cat awareness for quite some time now. In 2020, she posted on Facebook about some people abusing black cats.

Although all cats deserve an equal amount of love, throughout history black cats have been considered unlucky in some cultures and lucky in others. In the Middle Ages, the Church considered them evil entities, and this belief lasted for many years. Because of this superstition, they have historically been stigmatized. Not only that, but black cats are much less likely to be adopted than other cats. National Black Cat Appreciation Day aims to dispel the myths associated with these magnificent creatures so they can live happy, healthy lives in the homes of the people who care for them, like Bertinelli.

The actress even has a cocktail dedicated to the sleek feline, called the Black Cat Cocktail, which includes cherry brandy and cola (via Food Network).

Although the title of the day is National Black Cat Appreciation Day, it is greeted each year with pictures of animals from around the world.