Vets remove 38 hair ties from cat’s stomach after emergency surgery; Feline succumbs despite her best efforts

Just like children, pets should be supervised at all times. This is especially true when it comes to behaviors such as ingesting harmful objects or substances. In an example of how lack of supervision of actions can lead to fatal consequences, doctors at an animal shelter in the United States removed nearly 40 hair ties from the stomach of a cat, which finally succumbed to the ordeal.

Charleston Animal Society vets were shocked to find 38 hair ties in the feline’s stomach after they operated on her to remove a blockage in her intestines. The bizarre discovery was made after the cat, Juliette, stopped eating and was examined to diagnose the cause of her food rejection. She had been brought to the animal shelter after being abandoned by her family.

“Our expert vets and rescue team perform what we believe to be miracles every day. Unfortunately, even with the best care, not all animals make it. Although Juliette was loved and in no pain during her final days , she succumbed to this tragic accident.” We are all heartbroken,” the shelter said in a statement.

Loss of appetite, energy


Juliette after undergoing an operationCharleston Animal Society

Juliet, along with two other cats, arrived at the Charleston Animal Society after being rescued by a Good Samaritan. According to the rescuer, the three cats had been found outside a home after being abandoned by their family who had moved to another state.

Initially, Juliette seemed to be in good health. However, she started to avoid food after a few weeks and became lethargic. When he was given an X-ray, doctors learned there was a strange blockage in his stomach. They said the immediate removal of the obstruction was necessary to save his life.

An unexpected discovery

hair ties

The 38 hair ties found in Juliette’s bellyCharleston Animal Society

During the life-saving surgery, doctors made a startling discovery: the dense mass blocking the feline’s stomach was actually a bundle of strings. The number of strings seemed to be infinite because the removal of one led to the discovery of the next. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Dr. Leigh Jamison, associate director of veterinary care at the Charleston Animal Society.

After removing all the strings, the surgical team counted over three dozen hair ties. The accumulation of ingested hair ties had caused Juliette to stop eating or processing food. Fortunately, his intestines suffered no damage.

However, the blockage had led to a buildup of fat in Juliet’s liver, a condition that negatively affects her health. She is currently undergoing treatment for this. “We have to make sure that when we feed her, we keep her electrolytes in balance,” Dr. Jamison said. Unfortunately, just hours after announcing that Juliette’s operation had been successful, the shelter announced on its Facebook page that she had succumbed to the trauma her body had suffered.