Viral video: Can monkey and cat be best friends? Look at this beautiful link here for a unique experience

Viral video: Social media is a platform where everything captures everyone’s attention. People can’t take their eyes off viral videos. Especially the video of cute and adorable animals attracts netizens’ attention. Once again, a video is winning hearts on the internet.

best friends forever

In this video you can see a monkey and a cat spreading love on each other. The cute and adorable video of these pets is something you cannot miss. The best part is when the monkey kisses the dog on his forehead. Together they set major friendship goals.

Watch the video here

Credit: YouTube

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Viral video on social media

This adorable video was shared on Twitter. Internet users click on the likes on this video. Users are also commenting on this video, one user wrote “beautiful boning” and another wrote “awwww”.

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