Viral Video Of This Cat-Reindeer Encounter Leaves The Internet In Two

Cross-species friendships are always a treat to watch. And social media is full of videos that depict an unlikely bond between two animals of different species. Among the many videos that go viral from time to time, one such video shows an unexpected encounter between a cat and a reindeer. Although the two seem quite friendly at first glance, what ensues as the video progresses will surely leave you in two.

The hilarious now-viral video was shared on Instagram on December 14. The clip captures a black cat and a reindeer in the same frame. The mischievous feline is presumably trying to befriend the reindeer by jumping near the latter and scratching its hind legs. The reindeer, startled by the sudden contact, tries to kick the cat but misses.

After long moments spent looking at each other, the reindeer approaches the cat and begins to sniff and lick the feline. The cat seems to like the attention of the horned animal lying on the grass. However, their friendship was short-lived as the reindeer, out of the blue, paws the cat and rolls it with its paws. The cat finally flees from the scene.

Although the caption of the video reads “So beautiful”, social media users disagreed with it. They shared their reactions in the comments section of the post. While many shared tickling reactions, one user remarked, “‘So beautiful’ man, that thing literally could have killed the cat without even trying.” “What’s so beautiful about it? Finally, the animal pushed the cat away,” another pointed out. “If he had made contact, the brother would have had his jaws dislocated,” noted a third individual.

So far, the video has amassed over 553,000 views with over 29.5,000 likes on Instagram.

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