Watch: Cat rescued from slush-filled storm drain in Iowa

Photo courtesy of Cedar Falls Public Safety/Facebook” alt=”Police and animal control in Cedar Falls, Iowa came to the rescue of a cat trapped in a storm drain filled with slush. Photo courtesy of Cedar Falls Public Safety/Facebook“/>

December 30 (UPI) — Iowa police and animal control officers have rescued a cat stuck in a frozen storm drain for at least a few days.

Cedar Falls Public Safety posted photos on Facebook showing Officer Marissa Abbott climbing through the slush-filled storm drain to retrieve the trapped feline.

Police say Abbott and animal control officer Ryan Doland responded to the storm drain near the Pump Haus Bar and Grill on Main Street after a member of the public reported a cat was trapped in the sewer.

“We could hear him meowing, but we couldn’t see him,” Doland told The Courier newspaper.

Abbott climbed into the drain and managed to drag the cat out of the narrow pipe it had run into.

The cat was taken to the Cedar Bend Humane Society. A microchip gave the cat’s name, Oliver, but the owner’s contact details were listed as out of state and the phone number was no longer in service.

Officials said Oliver will be put up for adoption if his owners are not found.