Watch How Kindly This ‘Bodyguard’ Cat Protects Toddler In Viral Video | Tendency

Over the years, cats have gained a reputation for being aloof, but in reality, they can be as protective of their human companions as dogs. And a video posted online is a perfect example. It shows how a cute “bodyguard” cat protects a toddler. The video that caught millions of eyeballs may keep you watching it again and again.

The now-viral video was posted to Twitter by a user who goes by the handle @Gabriele_Corno. “The Bodyguard,” reads the caption of the video shared on Twitter. The video shows a cat protecting a toddler who tries to climb over the balcony railing by slapping his hand on the bar.

Watch the viral video below:

The video was posted on October 2 and garnered five lakh likes. It also received many comments.

“As a mother she cares,” one person posted. “I see why the ancient Egyptians loved cats…” another remarked. “Amazing babysitter,” a third commented with a heart emoji. “It’s remarkable. Animals are so smart than we think and they are fully aware of the vulnerability of small children,” wrote a fourth.