Watching Doja Cat shave her eyebrows on Instagram Live was liberating

This morning, like many people online, I watched the video of Doja Cat shaving her eyebrows. On Thursday, Aug. 4, the “Get Into It” singer went live on Instagram and got candid about how she always hated having hair before she shaved her eyebrows. While Twitter is buzzing about Doja Cat’s lack of eyebrows, I was more moved by what the Grammy winner had to say about hair ahead of her makeover moment. Before soaping her forehead, Doja Cat shared some raw and vulnerable truths about hair and beauty standards. Speaking for around two minutes, she also shared a particularly heartbreaking description of the feeling of trying to work out with a wig on.

Black women are under scrutiny when it comes to hair. While people who identify as women know that beauty standards, most centered on whiteness, can be difficult to meet, black women are specifically targeted when it comes to their hair. There’s research behind this, y’all. In 2021, Dove conducted a study which found that 86% of black teens say they experienced discrimination based on hair before the age of 12. In some states, it’s perfectly legal for companies not to hire, fire, or promote people based on natural hairstyles. who are considered “unprofessional”. The expectations of what a black woman’s hair should look like are infuriating, and it was so liberating to hear Doja Cat share her own experiences trying to have the right type of hair at the expense of her happiness.

While the original video went everywhere IG Lives goes once an Instagram user stops filming, plenty of clips are available on Twitter. In the video, Doja Cat opened up about her decision to become a full-fledged GI Jane. and get a buzz cut. “I feel like I never should have had hair anyway,” she said. “I never liked having hair. I can’t tell you a single time in my life that I’ve ever said, “That’s cool. a wig.

The sweating caused the moisture on her scalp to make the wig slip, slide, and get sticky. “I’m doing this incredibly intense thing, but I couldn’t concentrate because I was more concerned with how I looked and how my hair was going,” she said. To keep her wig in place, Doja Cat sometimes put on a beanie, which wasn’t much of a solution. “I would put on a cap that’s over a wig, which is over a wig cap that’s over braids, and I just can’t believe it took me so long to say, ‘Shave your f*cking head,’ she shared. I started clapping. Doja Cat started shaving her eyebrows.

Although being completely eyebrowless was once thought to be a telltale sign of someone having a minor emotional meltdown akin to giving themselves bangs during lockdown, invisible eyebrows have been getting a bit of a shine lately. . Kendall Jenner bleached hers for the Met Gala and Julia Fox (feel she) went undercover when she bleached her brows in June. Shaving off her eyebrows completely is a little different, but invisible eyebrows are the moment and Doja Cat looks amazing without eyebrows. Hello, bone structure.

Between her bold new look and her vulnerable monologue about prioritizing her happiness and well-being over trying to make her hair look a certain way, I’d say Doja Cat is entering her era of self-love. She plants a flag on planet she and put hisself first. You like to see it.