We found 113 photos that will convince you that cats can defy gravity

If you ever doubted that cats could defy gravity, today you will finally have an answer to this ancient mystery. Yes, anti-gravity is achievable and has been mastered by none other than cats.

Whether hanging effortlessly from tree branches or balancing on the thinnest ledges, felines take the laws of physics and toss them in the trash. But how do they do it? It’s a known fun fact that cats have physical abilities that allow them to perform incredible acrobatic feats. They are known for their remarkable agility, thanks to their flexible spines that allow them to twist and contort their bodies in ways that many other animals cannot.

Are you ready to have your mind blown? We’ve scoured the internet and found dozens of funny cat pictures that will convince you that cats and gravity are parallel lines and as such they will never meet. From aerial leaps and acrobatic leaps to seemingly impossible perches and poses, these photos of cats unaffected by gravity will leave you in awe of the incredible skills of our feline friends. So sit back and prepare to be amazed as these cats are about to show you that they are the kings and queens of the pet kingdom.

But beware: once you see these gravity-defying cats in action, you may never look at your own furry companions the same way again. You might wonder what other secret powers they possess. So go ahead and scroll down, and prepare to get your mind completely cat-ivized by these gravity-defying cats!