What is Doja Cat’s September 1 Protest Challenge on TikTok?

If you’ve been using Gen Z’s favorite app lately, you might have come across plenty of TikTok videos hinting at a popular protest trend using the Doja Cat name.

The September 1 protest challenge is taking the app by storm, with hundreds of users posting and participating in the trend.

What is Doja Cat’s September 1 protest on TikTok?

TikTok videos claim Doja Cat protested that anyone using the sound included in the trend will receive $3,111 – although no evidence the rapper is talking about the protest could be found.

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“Rumor has it the doja cat has come forward for everyone to get $3,111 on September 1st ‘if they use this sound,'” TikTok user @lifewjan shared in a video. “Personally, I don’t want to wake up on september 1st saying ‘fuck i should have listened to my daughter doja cat. so i’m using this sound.

To participate in the September 1 protest, TikTok users must create a video using the audio “Beach Waves Sounds – Ocean Sounds, Sea Waves Sounds, and Ocean Wave.”

After that, they will allegedly receive $3,111 on September 1 – but we’ll see about that. Either way, it won’t hurt to use sound to attract good energy into your life!

Over 3 million videos have been posted using the supposedly blessed audio sound. The hashtag #3111 and #manifesting3111 has accumulated over 13 million views.