Who is the cat at the end of chapter 12

Chapter 12 of FF7 Remake ends with one of the biggest and most impactful moments in the game, with an appearance from a character we’re sure to see again.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was a complete reimagining of the original game built from the ground up. For the most part, this stays true to the Midgar section of the original story, only taking the time to expand the universe and show just how great Midgar is. The original game’s Midgar section only covered the early hours of the original game, which means a lot of places and people aren’t in the remake.

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That being said, after the end events of Chapter 12, a little cat can be seen falling to its knees at the edge of the destroyed plate. Returning fans immediately recognized this character as Cait Sith and enjoyed the little cameo, even though it was long before the character was introduced in the base game.

***This article contains spoilers for the original Final Fantasy 7***

Who is Cait Sith

Cait Sith in the Temple of the Elders

Cait Sith is the sixth band member to join your team in the original game. After leaving Midgar, the group moves between a few towns and eventually to the golden saucer, where they meet Cait Sith. While there are two other party members you can obtain, Cait Sith is the last to be introduced through the main story and a mandatory follow-up after meeting them. Cait Sith is the little cat who rides on the back of a large Moogle, shouting commands through a megaphone.

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Although Cait Sith looks like a little cat riding a Moogle, she’s a remote-controlled puppet used by the Shinra Corporation to spy on Cloud and his party. While it is initially a mystery, Cait Sith confesses to being Reeve Tuesti, the head of urban development. Cait Sith is only allowed to stay at the party after Shinra takes Marlene, Barret’s adopted daughter, hostage. During later events in the game, the group trusts Cait Sith more, and it shows that Reeve is slowly changing his mind and fully believing in Cloud’s mission.

Cait Sith’s motivations

Reeve (left) speaking with Heidegger (right)

Reeve Tuesti turns out to be the only person who disagreed with the idea of ​​dropping the plate on the slums. This continues in the remake, as the only scene we see of Cait Sith is her desperation to see the results of the falling plate. While he still agrees to be a spy in Cloud’s group, his faith in Shinra begins to crack.

Reeve begins to see how bad Shinra is and goes so far as to completely turn on Cloud’s side in later events of the game. He starts out as a spy for Shinra and eventually turns around and becomes a spy for Avalanche. Shinra’s motives are self-preservation and what they believe is best for themselves and their elites, while Avalance fights for ordinary people and the planet. After Meteor is summoned, he fully joins Avalanche, as they are the ones who are truly fighting to save the planet.

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