Will Gurnam Singh go to Canada to get revenge on Sehtab Singh?

Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda, star of CAT, has been buzzing in the OTT world since its release on Netflix on December 9, 2022. Set against the backdrop of Punjab, CAT is a crime thriller that depicts terrorism and drugs going hand in hand and how the presence of black sheep in policing acts like termites in the system with political support. In the end, CAT highlights how ordinary people are the ones who suffer in the end. Notably, CAT is a fictional story, however, fans get a good sense of it seeing the current storyline and the history of Punjab. The 8-episode web series is created, written and directed by Balwinder Singh Janjua, who helmed the 2019 biographical drama film Saand Ki Aankh. However, CAT’s ending left many questions in the minds of fans. One of the most common is whether or not CAT 2 will come out.

Based on the ending of CAT, it is indeed possible that its season 2 will emerge. Although it hasn’t been announced officially, CAT’s performance on Netflix suggests that its second season will be coming. If CAT 2 will be made, it will mostly show how Gurnam Singh AKA Garry (Randeep Hooda) will take revenge on Sartaj Singh who fled to Canada with a narco-terrorist named Baljeet Singh Rajpuria.

The history of CAT in a nutshell

CAT Web Series 2022: Find out why the Punjab undercover officers were called CAT

For those who haven’t watched the web series, CAT is basically the code name for informants for law enforcement officials working in terrorist and narco-terrorist gangs. Similarly, Randeep Hooda portrays the character of a cat which was used by a Punjab police official named Sartaj Singh. At first, Sartaj uses Randeep to break up the terror and operational separatists in Punjab for his personal benefit. And then, Gurnam Singh was rehired as a CAT by Sartaj in order to break the drug trade run by a local MP named Madame Aulakh. Although Gurnam becomes a CAT due to dire circumstances, he was included by Sartaj so he could just enjoy it on a personal basis. At first, Gurnam becomes CAT in order to avenge the death of his parents from the separatists, then again h becomes CAT so that his younger brother is freed from drug dealing charges. However, in the end, Gurnam learned that it was not the separatist named Rajpuria who killed his parents but it was Sartaj Singh who killed them. Not only did Sartaj kill Gurnam’s parents, but he also left Rajpuria twice by accepting huge amount of bribes. It is noted that it was through Gurnam’s espionage work that Rajpuria was captured by Sartaj. Long story short, CAT is indeed a twisted tale that will keep you watching it.

CAT Season 2

Speaking of CAT Season 2, Netflix will take its time to check the algorithms, comments and everything else before renewing the series for a second season. The very idea gives us a boost for the second season as the first did quite well and managed to woo and appease a huge audience.