Woman Gives New Meaning to ‘Tiger Mom’ After Fighting Big Cat With Her Bare Hands

Fierce mum saved him 15 years-month son with his bare hands after a tiger tried to kidnap him in India.

The Times of India reported that the mother Archane Choudhary left her house Madhya Pradesh to watch her toddler, who relieved himself outside.

However, on the 25-Age leapt into action once she saw a tiger – believed to have strayed from nearby Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve – trying to sink his fangs into his son’s head.

Credit: Madhya Pradesh, imageBROKER / Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Madhya Pradesh, imageBROKER / Alamy Stock Photo

Archane began attacking the tiger with his bare hands for a few minutes, punching and kicking the big cat as he tried to bite his son.

During the terrifying encounter, locals who heard her scream rushed to help, prompting the tiger to retreat into the woods.

Residents transported the mother and son to Manpour primary health center, where they received first aid and were then taken to the hospital in Omaria.

Her husband told the outlet that both are in stable condition; however, doctors were initially concerned about Archane as she had suffered multiple injuries to her abdomen, back and hands.

The toddler also suffered spurts to the head.

A search is currently underway to locate the tiger, with residents being urged to stay indoors.

In July last year, a man from a nearby village survived battling tigers after becoming trapped when his motorbike crashed.

Credit: Harry Singh / Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Harry Singh / Alamy Stock Photo

Vikas Kumar was riding with his two friends, sonu Kumar and kandhai Lalthrough a forest near Pilibhit city ​​in uttar Pradesh when his bike crashed, according to the Times of India.

As the trio stood by the side of the road, a group of tigers jumped on them. sonu and kandhai were killed within minutes as one of the tigers continued to chew Vikas‘ head, which was protected by his motorcycle helmet.

A petrified Vikas then managed to break free, giving him enough time to climb a tree and hide.

Vikas spent the whole night in the tree, waiting for emergency services, who located the young man the morning after locals found him.

He told the outlet: ‘The tigers kept roaming below, looking for me. I heard their roar all night long. They entered the forest around 3:30 a.m. At sunrise, I found new life with some of my villagers who helped me down. I can never forget that.

He added: “Tigers will always live in my head. I will hear them growl for the rest of my years on this Earth.

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