Woman works to save more than 50 cats from Nashville trailer park set to be demolished

MURFRESBORO, Tenn. (WSMV) – A mission is underway to rescue a massive group of cats from a Murfreesboro Pike trailer park that will close next month.

Animal advocate Donna Russell assumes there are more than 50 stray cats on the property, which is being sold and presumably demolished.

The people there have been feeding the cats for years and Russell fears they will die if not rescued.

“It’s my personal mission not to be on planet Earth and help anyone or anything,” Russell said.

An experienced trapper with a background in the medical field, Russell plans to trap the cats, neuter or neuter them and test their temperaments to see if they will be fit for a home.

She had first heard of the cats after receiving a call from the Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary in Sumner County.

Russell’s greatest need is a building or room (with electricity) where she can keep the cats for a few months while she works to find them homes.

In a race against time, that’s why she asks for the public’s help.

“I mean, I’m a big proponent of giving back, and so I feel like Nashville has the type of people that we have here and the deep pockets that they have here. I think we have someone who could help us with this project,” Russell said.

Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary rescued about 20 kittens from the property, but dozens more cats still need to be rescued.

And Russell won’t stop until she saves as many as she can.

“I want everyone to think and think if there’s a way to fit in with us to help us make that happen,” Russell said.

Russell is also asking for volunteers and supplies.

If you want to help or think you can help, Russell asks you to email him at [email protected] or leave him a message at 615-509-5538.