World Cat Air Permit Public Hearing

PITT COUNTY, NC (WITN) – Residents of Pitt County gathered Thursday for an opportunity to voice concerns about an air permit submitted by World Cat.

The company wants to build a boat manufacturing plant in Greenville, which the Department of Environmental Quality says would be a Title V facility.

The reason it would be classified as Title V is that it would have the potential to emit more than 100 tonnes per year of volatile organic compounds.

Some feel that the permit does not take into account the health of everyone, especially the workers.

“In the current state of the economy, we want to create jobs that are both economically viable for the next generation, but sustainable for the long-term health of our planet and its ecosystem,” said Jalin Dlampa, North of the Tar River Association Outreach Leader. .

World Cat must obtain an air permit from DAQ before constructing emission sources and commencing operations.

The permit would require the facility to follow specific processes and install air pollution controls to reduce its emissions.

Former Greenville Mayor Edward Carter said people should be able to live comfortably without having to worry about their health.

“People shouldn’t have to come out here and fight for clean air or other decent things,” Carter said. “You always have to move away from the really dangerous things that are placed around them, and it doesn’t happen, it just gets worse.”

Although DAQ has reviewed the permit application and solicited public comment, people like Dlampa say they will not be satisfied until they are denied.

“I hope DAQ denies this permit application and that in the future they and the Greenville City Council will work to create economically viable and environmentally sustainable jobs in Greenville and Pitt County,” Dlampa said.

World Cat is headquartered in Tarboro and employs 180 people there. The Greenville facility would be built on Staton Road and would add 60 jobs with annual salaries of $41,000 and bring nearly $2.5 million in payroll impact for Pitt County.

World Cat representatives were present at the hearing but said they would not be able to comment on the permit.

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