World Series 2022: Philadelphia Phillies fans turn to black cat, blue socks for good luck

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Call it superstition or just Philadelphia pride, whatever it is, most Phillies fans have something to cling to. But is this state of mind normal or irrational?

What are your Phillies superstitions? Let us know!

“It’s the lucky hat and it won’t fall off until they win,” South Philly’s Jimmy McGroarty said.

“I actually have a black cat that I hold, and every time I pick up the cat good things happen,” said Rick Ayala of Medford.

South Philly’s John Tolomeo says his blue socks bring good luck.

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“I put my blue socks on for Friday. And then I said I had to save them for Saturday…So I had them on all week and my wife said, ‘When do you take them off? ?’ And I said: ‘When we win,'” Tolomeo said.

Sports psychologist Joel Fish says these superstitions are normal.

“I think it’s very common, very normal, and I think we try to control things and find patterns,” Fish said.

But he warns, don’t let them control you.

“Superstitions are fun. It helps you mentally prepare. It helps you feel like you’re doing something, but more isn’t always better. Let’s stick to three or four different things,” Fish said. .

We can’t talk about Philadelphia superstitions without mentioning the Billy Penn statue above City Hall.

“They put on the baseball cap (Billy Penn in 1993) and we lost on a home run. In 97′, we put on the Flyers jersey and we lost to the Red Wings four games in a row,” said said Mayor Jim Kenney.

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