Yusuf/Cat Stevens signs with WME – Billboard

WME signed Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Yusuf/Cat Stevens in all areas.

Yusuf is embarking on a world tour in 2023 and is working on a myriad of other creative projects, including a new album that will mark his first string of new music since being nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2017. The Laughing Apple.

Over the past few years, Yusuf has been keen to revisit its catalog as projects reach their 50e anniversary. In 2020 he released a re-recorded version from the 1970s Tea for the Tillerman as Tea for The Tillerman 2 and released a box set announcing the album, which includes his breakthrough US hit, “Wild World.” Following the release of the 50th anniversary box sets of mona bone jakon and Teaser and the Firecata newly remastered 50e-anniversary edition of his 1972 album, Catch Bull at four, will be released in December.

Last year, Yusuf, which is led by his son, Yoriyos Adamoslanded on the New York Times’ List of bestsellers with her children’s book Yusef’s Peace Train; he is also finishing work on his autobiography. Like he said Billboard in a 2020 interview, with his book, “I try to fill the void for so many people who almost have a mythological view of me so I try to clarify who I am and how it happened. I illustrated [the book] as well.”

As Yusuf said Billboard in the same interview, the same quest has guided his musical exploration – and his life – from the start. “When I started looking at the sky very early, one of my biggest questions was where does the sky end? It was a metaphysical question that I had from a young age,” he says. And that has been my task and my mission: to go and explore the universe to find out where it leads.”